We are excited to announce for the 2022 season, YOU CAN SELECT YOUR OWN MEMBERSHIP KIT ITEMS! Each member will receive a coupon for the Golfweek Amateur Tour Pro Shop.

To ensure that members get the most for their money, we have a special “Members Only” Pro Shop with carefully curated items offered at a deep discount. Inventory is limited but we will add new products as the season progresses. However, your coupon can also be used in any category in the Golfweek Amateur Tour Pro Shop!

Watch your emails around the time your local season starts for your special coupon code and the link to the “Members Only” Pro Shop. We will try to get your order out immediately, but due to anticipated volume, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

**Please note, at checkout, you must include your Coupon Code received by email and your Golfweek ID number in the space marked "Add a comment for the seller"


Please note that we can no longer offer the US Handicap subscription as part of our membership kit.
The USGA has discontinued the direct licensing program and effectively immediately, all handicap accounts must be obtained exclusively through local state golf associations.

If you have a current US Handicap subscription from the 2021 season, your account may remain active until your current subscription expires. Once expired, you will then be able to contact your state golf association and provide them with your USHandicap Number to get your account renewed. Our understanding is that you will not lose any of your scoring history.

For those of you that have already signed up for a USHandicap subscription for the 2022, we will be reaching out to you individually to restore your credit.


Points Race:

PositionIDNamePointsAGT IndexBirdiesEaglesEarningsTournamentsDetail
Championship Flight (0-3.9 Handicap)
145303Simons, Max28750.72203658Detail
228190Caffee, Mark11502.160904Detail
338977Jarvis, Joey1076.25.2612905Detail
440819Bell, John8208.9101003Detail
532924Rampino, Mike6505.42003Detail
628370Gusa, Jacob5502.93002Detail
751387Lausier, Teddy4501.9111001Detail
841238Peterson, Brandon41672003Detail
951224Burke, Houston34017.61002Detail
"A" Flight (4.0-8.9 Handicap)
148362Harris, Blaine2183.334.6606227Detail
249640Pogue, Broc 1836.666.821025812Detail
338764Maddox, Zach1751.676.81303458Detail
411431Carlisle, Jamie15236.616017111Detail
543969Hines, Nate1443.337.217090211Detail
649486Dematteo, John1381.339.81008811Detail
747419Hall, Mark13459501059Detail
846377Sparrow, John11055.7503104Detail
949488Doggett, Denton10557.51203656Detail
108947Blum, Jon9408.740607Detail
1128335Hudson, Richard9007.170227Detail
1249961Kyong, Brandon891.67991336Detail
1348648Southern, Connor7338.250255Detail
1442216Capers, Elliot 6978.86007Detail
1548396Yoder, Dan35012.12003Detail
1636169Long, Brian3259.2001002Detail
1749842Spears, Scott20012.83002Detail
1810377Starr, Jay14091001Detail
1933602Mobley, Adam1158.90001Detail
2049916Park, Jungmin9415.81001Detail
"B" Flight (9.0-13.9 Handicap)
135249Howard, Charlie19139.214063019Detail
249795Gelb, Jay176612.6802909Detail
349493Anderson, Randy16559.41112728Detail
445503Futran, Dillon164613.311195510Detail
549917Pogue, Wayne1499.210.710018510Detail
637830Shurley, Chris146510.5603057Detail
744642Butts, Karina1154136111515Detail
843712Gustafson, Dennis10059.1512175Detail
950103Cooke, Travis983.671470010Detail
1049490Yates, Eric98212.140357Detail
1145705Seiler, Andy676.213.2503765Detail
1216827Saskowski, John64913.22006Detail
1331467Evans, Shawn32012.800252Detail
1449491McDougall, Sean29619.61005Detail
1545074Velasco, Kyle24511.21002Detail
1638998Priest, Henry23912.82002Detail
"C" Flight (14.0-18.9 Handicap)
149591McClellan, Patrick224514.33152110Detail
245075Vilardi, Thomas189515.3302509Detail
35042Drummond, Rhett132615.18027511Detail
442040Storter, Chris 126519.7602511Detail
538195Vielhauer, Fred122115.3304011Detail
631443Seiler, Matthew116515601118Detail
747555Nicholls, Tom114417.87019010Detail
820956Bien-Aime, Jude113915.170408Detail
949487Gray, Chris111415.670010Detail
1039449Adams, Gerry109520.410010Detail
1150441Radomski, Corey906.215.2101806Detail
1246989Ferrell, Paul 840.517.96008Detail
1349989Cortalano, John69517.5301454Detail
1449777Burgess, Christopher552.519.1001703Detail
1529346Briggs, Keven54717.4201256Detail
1650629Radomski, Brad 536.218201003Detail
1742672Wilson, Kenneth486.519.210455Detail
1837319Owens, Russell37517.320402Detail
1941718Tillman, Steven35520.61003Detail
2041689Rohan, Greg352.519.4201102Detail
2151554Blackshear, Kevin337.518.4101301Detail
2249794Grady, Brandon17028.10003Detail
2335405Richards, Michael16817.61002Detail
2450628Stiglitz, Rory8526.50001Detail
2551077Whyte, Ashleigh8542.20001Detail
"D" Flight (19.0 and Greater Handicap)
144416Ray, Michael279520.25059010Detail
249818Hickok, Bill182023.4318510Detail
345189Dingman, Keith175523.2201459Detail
448075Brown, Trent160020.2112706Detail
549654Nelson, John 1192.521.4301657Detail
619555Neal, Jeff103024.92008Detail
719103Hutchison, Bill88022.90006Detail
837581Carney, Mike73026.31006Detail
949631Bradley, Wayne70024.400724Detail
1051105Robinson, Matthew58028.60006Detail
1149685Stump, Tyler4051910752Detail
1243237Smalley, Shane35028.50003Detail
1349686Arnold, Kenny250282002Detail
1450984McDougall, Melissa24026.820254Detail
1530919Monroe, Chad23527.90002Detail
1650086DellaTorre, Michael130270001Detail
1750510Huntley, Austin10028.30001Detail