Tour Membership Information

2024 Membership includes:

* Membership in the Golfweek Amateur Tour allows all members to compete in any Golfweek Amateur Tour event across the country!

* Discounted practice round rates are negotiated with our tournament courses for the week before a tournament.

* Members will get a $50 coupon to use in the Golfweek Amateur Tour Pro Shop


Early Bird Cost - $ 92.00 until December 31, 2023

$105.00 after January 1st, 2024

Find your Flight:

  • Championship Flight: 0 to 3.9 Handicap
  • A Flight: 4.0 to 8.9 Handicap
  • B Flight: 9.0 to 13.9 Handicap
  • C Flight: 14.0 to 18.9 Handicap
  • D Flight: 19.0 and Higher Handicap

All flights will be from a set of tees customized at each tournament.  

The following guidelines will be used for determining length:

Championship Flight will play at 6500 – 7000 yards

A Flight will play at 6500 – 6800 yards

B Flight will play at 6400 – 6600 yards

C Flight will play at 6200 – 6400 yards

D Flight will play 5900 – 6200 yards

Women will play from a tee box of the closest comparable slope rating to that of the men in the same flight (in the absence of a suitable tee box the Local Tour Director will choose or designate a tee box or tee box combination the equivalent of 85-90% of the men's distance in the same flight) 

2024 Season Prize Pool:

You now have 2 opportunities to win your way to Nationals:

  • The first 7 events will lead to our 2-day event at Eagle Ridge. The top points winner of each flight after the conclusion of the two-day tournament, will each punch their ticket to Nationals in April. ($650 value/ $3,250 purse)
  • After the first leg, the points will start over and then we will have another 7 event series to conclude the season that will finish at Juliette Falls. We will track these points on our website, in addition to the total overall points earned for the season. The top points leaders of each flight after the NCF Finals for the second leg of the series, will be awarded another trip to Nationals. This means we will guarantee 10 spots to Nationals ($6,500). If you win it twice, you can sell one of your spots.
  • The overall points winners of the season long points race, will win the "MVP Bonus Award". This prize will be revealed at Juliette Falls in September.

In an effort to reduce your overall cost, we have decided to eliminate the Flight Skin part of the cash game, this could save you $10 per event.

  • We will continue the Rollover Super Skins and Closest to the Pin games for $20. This season we will start on hole 18 and work backwards to start the game. The Rollover works by putting $1 per hole ($18) and if a hole is not won or cancelled, the money rolls to the next hole until there is a winner. If there are any unwon skins, we raffle them off at the awards ceremony. You must be present to win.
  • If you want to participate in the Fantasy Golf Challenge ($10), we are going to have a points-based Stableford system for you to play in that will have 1 pot for top points winner of each flight and 1 pot for a Blind Team Draw. This gives you 4 ways to win: super skins, closest to the pins, fantasy points winner and a blind draw team winners all for cash.
  • Fantasy Challenge: your Tour Index will determine your Point Target and you must beat that number to score. Here are some examples, if you are a zero index, you must make 36 points to score; if you are 10.4 index on tour, you must make more than 26 points to score: if you earn 30 points, then you are +4 for the event. This means you played better than your average, so plus = good. If you shoot 24 points, then you are -2, so minus = not so good. We will pay out the winner of each flight in cash. Next, you will have a Blind Team Draw for the other $5 pot. The idea here is you could have a good or bad day, not win your flight, but potentially win on this draw because someone else had a good day and your combined score will win. The winning team will split that pot.
  • The scoring will be as follows: 0 points Double Bogey / 1 point Bogey / 2 points Par / 3 points Birdie / 4 points Eagle / 5 points Hole-in-One or Albatross.


- Each player puts down $1 per hole ($18)

- The game will start on a designated hole. If a hole is cancelled or not won, the money rolls over to the next hole and builds until there is a winner. 

- Any unclaimed skins will be won via raffle at the conclusion of the round. Everyone present will get a ticket and we pull for as many skins left open.

Virtual Gift Cards will continue but they will be awarded at the event (not the Monday after) to make sure you get access to it for the weekend. We will set up a "Bank" should you want to hold this money over the season and get a bigger gift card later. 

It is imperative that you are SIGNED UP AND PAID for the event ONE WEEK in advance. We will not guarantee a spot if you are not signed up and paid by the Drop/Pay Deadline. This caused disruption to making the pairings, accuracy to the golf shop preparation, and our ability to finalize the event. We have signed agreements with the courses that require this hard number one week in advance.

We suggest that you please schedule ahead for each event you plan to play. 




Posted: 11/28/2022 7:11:12 PM