We are excited to announce for the 2022 season, YOU CAN SELECT YOUR OWN MEMBERSHIP KIT ITEMS! Each member will receive a coupon for the Golfweek Amateur Tour Pro Shop.

To ensure that members get the most for their money, we have a special “Members Only” Pro Shop with carefully curated items offered at a deep discount. Inventory is limited but we will add new products as the season progresses. However, your coupon can also be used in any category in the Golfweek Amateur Tour Pro Shop!

Watch your emails around the time your local season starts for your special coupon code and the link to the “Members Only” Pro Shop. We will try to get your order out immediately, but due to anticipated volume, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

**Please note, at checkout, you must include your Coupon Code received by email and your Golfweek ID number in the space marked "Add a comment for the seller"


Please note that we can no longer offer the US Handicap subscription as part of our membership kit.
The USGA has discontinued the direct licensing program and effectively immediately, all handicap accounts must be obtained exclusively through local state golf associations.

If you have a current US Handicap subscription from the 2021 season, your account may remain active until your current subscription expires. Once expired, you will then be able to contact your state golf association and provide them with your USHandicap Number to get your account renewed. Our understanding is that you will not lose any of your scoring history.

For those of you that have already signed up for a USHandicap subscription for the 2022, we will be reaching out to you individually to restore your credit.


Who's Playing:

Total SlotsFilled SlotsTotal FilledOpen Slots
1009223019201000 - Sold Out!

IDPlayerFlightHome TourPaid MemberPaid Tournament
50251Brame, Frank(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
10006Cantu, Derrick(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
10109Coker, Trey(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
51955Cook, Luke(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
47049Mast, John(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
38926May, Fisher (Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
50655Pepper, Corey(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
50814Spears, Chuck(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
16552Teel, Ted(Champ)Louisiana NorthYesYes
34093Averett, Ronnie(A)MississippiYesYes
25613Coulson, Rob(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
42072Cox, Johnny(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
20846Crain, James(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
35443Forester, Sam(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
38640Holton, Micah(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
50817Karsten, Logan(A)ArkansasYesNo
20010Lyons, Jason(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
9979Matney, Todd(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
42109May, Jamey (A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
17461McDuffie, Hughie (A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
52024McGinnis, Randy(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
16792Mims, Blake(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
51562Moss, Tyron(A)ArkansasYesYes
45260Odom, Kevin(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
14503ONeal, Trey(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
41999Orlando, John(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
42071Perot, Scooter(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
38927Rushing, Justin(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
19497Satre, Carey(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
22032Skillingstad, Monty (A)Louisiana NorthYesNo
10073Taylor, Dave(A)Louisiana NorthYesYes
49381Adams, Nick(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
20443Almond, Robert(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
23354Baten, Jack(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45933Brown, Les(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
39030Butler, Bob(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
49570Davidson, JD(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
46426Goodwin, Clay (B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
10050Griffin, Tag(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
29890Hanson, David(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
9976Hubbard, Dan(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
51937Johnson, Casey (B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
25003King, Brian(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
28446King, Stacy(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
20656Lyons, Brent(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
30760McCartney, Dillon(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
13720Mighton, Kevin(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
36024Nash, Rob(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
11133Norton, Stephen(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
20724Nutt, Jon(B)ArkansasYesYes
21395Payne, Elisha(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
36066Procell, Greg(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
26806Richards, Gregg(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
31055Savoie, Butch(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
43215Simonton, Steven(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
37070Singleton, Stephen(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
16860Strickland, Ronnie(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
37032Touchet, Jamie(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45414Vincent, Bill(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
21300Williams, Marty(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
38529Wright, Crowley(B)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45742Belk, Perry(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
26053Coulson, Ritchie(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
41519Crews, Joe(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
30876Gerhardt, Walter(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
47995Goodwin, Chris(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
46986Goodwin, Jake(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
44917Griffin, Jason(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
49380Hatchett, Jason(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
42201Humphries, Lance(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45473Jackson, Charles(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
49682Johnson, Reggie(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
28338Kirschenbaum, Neil(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
16471O'Neal, Gina(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
38478Rinchuso, Chuck(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45763Singleton, Mark(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
22296Tilden, Ed(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
39086Turbeville, Chris(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
35306Ware, Jerry(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
44151Williams, Danny(C)Louisiana NorthYesYes
46080Bowen, William(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
50465Carpenter, Charles(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
44531Carrigan, Curtis (D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45229Crews, Pam(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
52081Forester, Adam(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
49773Hatchett, Charlie(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
49774Hatchett, Daniel(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
17012Johnson, Letrell(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
49675Johnson, Ricky(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
19733Kupris, John(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
48833Nunn, Gary(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
40955Perkins, Doug(D)Louisiana SouthYesYes
49977Pollard, Wiley(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45257Pyle, Kemper(D)ArkansasYesYes
25897Reynolds, Gabe(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
45347Richards, Blake(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
10002Rinchuso, Gerard(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
10071Sharber, Rodney(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
24652Simpson, Kurt(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes
46025Thomas, Art(D)Louisiana NorthYesYes