2/12/2024 - Swinging Through the Fairways: From the Tampa vs. California Rivalry to St. Louis and the Thrill of Upcoming Regionals





Shane McAdams from the sunny Tampa tour joins us to chat about the perks of playing in Florida's ideal golfing climate. Our fairways are fueled by fierce competition and fellowship, and we bring that energy straight to your speakers. We recount a riveting tale of two tours locked in a friendly yet feisty battle for glory, complete with a wager and a trophy that's got everyone talking. 

Then we swing to the midwest and talk to long time member and former Tour Director Colin Dooley from the St. Louis tour. Colin gives a new perspective on how to approach the state of our golf game!

We close the session on a note of anticipation, looking ahead to the upcoming regionals and the thrill of adding more events to our calendar. As we celebrate the passion that keeps our tour directors and golfers driving forward, we also reflect on the life lessons and joy this sport brings to so many. Join us on this journey through the greens and fairways, where every swing tells a story, and the camaraderie of the game shines as brightly as the sun on a Florida golf course.

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Posted: 2/24/2024 8:35:50 PM