3/25/2024 - Elevating Your Golf Game with Custom Fittings and a Sneak Peek at Exciting News



Get the latest information about the newest tour sponsor Srixon from Tour President Dennis McCormac. Unlock the secrets to transforming your golf game with our special guest, Ken Rohlman from Srixon, as he guides us through the latest in club-fitting technology and techniques. In Chris' journey, a tailored set of clubs brought me down from a 17 to a 9 handicap, and you'll hear how the right fit can dramatically improve your game too. We'll explore how body mechanics influence your swing and how adjusting your clubs to match can lead to instant enhancements on the course.

Ever wondered how pro golfers like Freddie Couples seem to have an innate mastery over their swings? This episode peels back the layers of the fascinating interplay between our subconscious and physical reactions in golf, and how modern equipment can amplify this connection. We also examine the evolution of golf shafts, and the physics behind the perfect club, and consider the impact potential golf ball regulations might have on players of all levels.

Prepare for an announcement that could change the game for golf enthusiasts, as we hint at an upcoming tournament with more than just bragging rights at stake. Amidst the anticipation, the conversation remains light-hearted, partly thanks to our playful new webcam reactions feature. So, grab your favorite club and join us for insights that could see you climbing the leaderboards in your next round.

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Posted: 3/24/2024 2:58:42 PM