2/26/2024 - Golfing Grips and Greens: Inside the Amateur Tour, Crafting Home Simulators, and Celebrating the Spirit of the Sport





Discover the heart and soul of the amateur golfing world with our latest episode, where we serve up a full course of insights—from the thrill of competition to the intricacies of golf rules. We're bringing the buzz from the Golfweek Amateur Tour directly to your ears, celebrating our shirt contest winner, engaging with a wise senior icebreaker guest, and sharing a chuckle over the sometimes hilarious excuses for missing tournament details. If you've ever wondered how to stay on top of your golf game and navigate the exciting world of regional tournaments, this episode has the scorecard you need.

Imagine transforming a mundane backyard shed into a golfer's haven; we'll walk you through the process of constructing a top-tier home golf simulator that might just make your golfing buddies green with envy. Get the inside scoop on the technology and personalized touches that make the virtual greens come alive. And, we're not just talking tech; join us as we dig into the dos and don'ts of golf etiquette and tournament preparation, sharing stories that highlight why personal responsibility and integrity remain the cornerstone of the game, as exemplified by Jordan Spieth's moment in the spotlight.

You're invited to join our golf community session, where victories are celebrated, strategies are discussed, and the true essence of camaraderie shines through. Our special guests, including the senior icebreaker regional champions opening up about their experiences from the challenges of fast greens, a hole-in-one, and the joy of returning to the tour after a heart transplant. Together, we underscore the importance of sportsmanship and community that makes amateur golf not just a sport but a lifestyle. Get ready to be inspired, laugh, and maybe even reconsider your next excuse for not hitting the links.



January Shirt Contest Winner

Jordan Morrow


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Posted: 2/25/2024 1:46:05 PM