2013 Icebreaker Tournament Recap
Posted: 1/30/2013 1:25:14 PM

2013 Season is off and Running!

For the past five years the tournament season has been started with the annual Ice Breaker Open. This year we had the most players ever for the tournament with a total of 110 players representing 15 different tours playing in the season starting 2-day tournament. The tournament was a huge success and the directors of the tournament... could not have been happier with how the tournament turned out. One addition to the Ice Breaker Open this year was the Senior Division. A total of 27 players took part in the senior division. This was a great turnout for the first year having a senior division!

The tournament started off the skins game on Friday. This year the skins game was held at the Robert Cupp course in Palmetto Hall Plantation on Hilton Head Island. A total of 35 players participated in the skins game. Many of the golfers used the skins game as a practice round for the tournament as the championship round was going to be held on the Cupp course that Sunday. All of the players that took part in the skins game walked off the course with nothing but positive comments about the course conditions and the course itself. The Cupp course is an island favorite.

The weather and courses could not have been better for the tournament. Day one of the tournament was held at the Robert Trent Jones course inside Palmetto Dunes. The RTJ course has been on the schedule for the Ice Breaker since it got started. It was the favorite course of Roger Mitterling, who was the mastermind behind this wonderful tournament. Every year, players take a moment on the 11th tee to tip their hat or hit a shot into the ocean in memory of Roger. Roger will always be missed and this tournament will always be held in memory of a great person and a friend.

Day two of the tournament was held at one of the fan favorites; the Robert Cupp course inside Palmetto Hall Plantation. This course is a very challenging course that can lead to big numbers if you aren’t careful, especially off the tee. If you were solid enough to put your ball in the right spot off the tee, putting was your next challenge. The greens at the Cupp course are very different than those of the Jones course. A lot of break and a drastic speed difference made this Championship Sunday round an interesting one.

When the dust was settled and all 110 players were finished playing, there were a lot of happy players. The championship flight saw one of the best displays of golf of the weekend. With 15 players playing in the Championship flight (0-3.9), the competition was tight. In the end it was 14 year old; yes you read that correctly, 14 year old Davis Shore taking home the top prize. Davis shot a very impressive 76-77=153 to claim the top spot over Jody Clary who went 77-78=155 and Bill Hall 73-82=155. Davis came to the tournament from the East Tennessee tour. Davis has been playing golf since he was 3 years old and won his first junior golf tournament at the age of seven. He has over 30 junior golf tournament wins and is carrying a +2.6 handicap right now. Needless to say, this kid is good and will be a force to reckon with as the year progresses. Congratulations Davis and good luck the rest of the season!

The A flight (4.0-8.9) say a great turnout as well with 18 players competing for the top spots. Mark Ducker came into the Ice Breaker as the defending champion. Mark shot an impressive 160 total last year to claim the top spot. This year Mark wanted to make sure that everyone knew last year wasn’t a fluke and that he was the man to beat. Mark, representing the Charleston Tour, again shot an impressive 160 two day total to claim the top spot by 3 strokes over Jimmy Turner (163) and Wade Porter (163). Mark is building up a nice collection of big time trophies. Will he be able to three-peat in 2014 or will someone step up and take Mark down? I guess we will have to wait and see.

The biggest flight of the tournament was the B flight (9.0-3.9) with 31 players. It was a great turnout and display of golf for the Hilton Head Tour in the B flight. The top four spots in the B flight all came out of the Hilton Head-Savannah Tour. Winning it all was newcomer Mitchell Hammock who shot a solid, consistent two day total of 161 (80-81). Coming in behind Mitchell was Rick Mannell (167) followed by Ricky Futch (168) and Radek Klauda (169). Absolutely great golf by the host tour! Congrats Mitchell and the B flight for the Hilton Head-Savannah Tour is going to be a very competitive flight this year!

With 23 players competing in the C flight (14.0-18.9), it was set up for an epic battle! James Mercer made the trip all the way from Columbus, Ohio to take part in this tournament. It paid off for him as he was able to fire an 86-89=175 to capture the tournament win! James won by four strokes over Dustin Wheeler (179) and five strokes over Todd Saylor (180) and Lee Sanders (180). James was very excited about the win and could not stop smiling the entire afternoon. Congratulations James and good luck in Columbus this year!

The D flight (19.0+) consisted of 15 players and what was thought of as a competitive flight, turned out to be a runaway win for one player. Dennis Harris of the Charleston Tour started the tournament with an impressive 88 on the Jones course and never looked back. His Sunday round of 91 secured him a 14 stroke win over fellow Charleston Tour member Reggie Simmons. Rounding out the top three was Timothy Riordan of the Upstate Tour.

As mentioned earlier, this year the Ice Breaker Open featured a senior division. In the Championship flight Doug Savage claimed the top spot by firing an amazing 72-74=146. The A flight was won by Hilton Head-Savannah Tour member Howard Tomlinson who went 85-82=167 to edge out Greg Ferguson by one stroke. The B flight saw Mitchell Hammock become a double winner with his 161 total score. The C flight also saw a double winner in James Mercer from the Columbus tour.

Now that the tournament is over and we have time to reflect on the season opener, we can see that there was a lot of fun, smiling faces and trophies handed out that weekend. A total of $6400 in Visa Gift Cards were handed out, $2990 in skins money and $1060 in Closest to the Pin money. A total of $10,490 was handed out over the two day tournament! That’s not counting the 9 trophies! What a great weekend.

Congratulations to all the tournament winners. We wish everyone a great and successful season in their respective tours. We hope to see everyone back in 2014 for the Ice Breaker Open!

Tour News Archive...

09-11-22: Lenin Lexcano, Scott Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Jimmy Mathis and AL Smith all win at CC of HH!

08-21-22: Jeff Wong, Joe Bryant, Charles Getsinger, James Nemes and Joe Peny all win at HH National!

08-09-22: Kyle Putkonen, Scott Edwards, Sam Lewis, Taylor Duncan and AL Smith all win at Oldfield!

07-26-22: Wes Fennell, Michael Lynch, Charles Getsinger, John Haynie & Mark Stone all win at Atlantic Dunes.

06-27-22: Neal Pease, Scott Edwards, Charles Getsinger, Pat Foster and Aaron Masterson all win at Riverton CC!

06-19-22: Elliott Johnson, Joe Combs, Josh Keisler, Taylor Duncan and Joe Peny all win at Oyster Reef!

05-10-22: Wes Fennel, Cooper Cram, Jon Lyles, Joshua Kirkley & Joe Peny all win at Wexford CC. Joshua Kirkley has a Hole-in-One on the par 3 sixth hole!

04-27-22: Jeff Wong, Scott Edwards, Robert Lyle, Brian Gregor and Denise Cardinale all win at Golden Bear!

03-29-22: Jamie Manning, Cooper Cram, Kris Brinker, Jim Manning and Joe Kulikoski all win at Dolphin Head

03-14-22: Jeff Wong, John Dobbins, Sam Lewis, Dusty Mullis & Joe Parillo all win at Savannah Quarters!

02-22-22: Jeff Wong, Mark Harrison, Boyd Laughlin, Joshua Kirkley and Joe Kulikoski all win in Sea Pines at Heron Point!

01-30-22: Jeff Wong, Cooper Cram, Boyd Laughlin, Travis Carlisle and Al Smith all win at Dolphin Head CC!

01-10-22: Jeff Wong, Travis Wireman, Scott Ammons, Dan Pierce, and Brandon Manning all win at the Southern IceBreaker Regional hosted at Robert Trent Jones & Harbour Town Golf Links!

09-29-21: Wes Fennel, David Cook, Brandon Peterson, Taylor Duncan and Al Smith all win the HH-Jax Local Finals!

09-08-21: Jeff Wong, Brent Densmore, Doug Burford, Jimmy Mathis and Tom Wendell all win at CC of Hilton Head!

08-23-21: Ryan Clancy, Randy Dees, Scott Berkner, Richard Davies and Mike Williams all win at Hilton Head National!

08-09-21: Robert Wyrick, Joe Combs, Doug Burford, Travis Carlisle & Al Smith all win at Oldfield!

07-25-21: Jeff Wong, Brian Priester, Jack Holland, Rich Davies & Tom Wendell all win at Heron Point!

06-23-21: Zake Masterson, John Dobbins, Brian Priester, Francis Cave and Ted Bala all win at Oyster Reef!

06-08-21: Michael Bradham, David Cook, Mark Eichorn, Elgin Young and Al Smith all win at Hampton Hall!

05-24-21: Terry Lanning, Thomas Phillips, Ken Strati, Francis Cave and Charlie Cook all win at Palmetto Hall Arthur Hills!

05-10-21: Jamie Manning, Keith Royal, Brian Priester, Francis Cave & Denise Cardinale all win at Fazio!

04-12-21: Anthony Phillips, Joe McVey, Brian Priester, Jim Manning and Tom Wendell all win at Bear Creek!

03-30-21: Jeff Wong, Michael Gary, Bryant Turner, Ray Clark and Tom Wendell all win at Dolphin Head!

03-16-21: Jeff Wong, John Tompkins, Jordan Given, Francis Cave and Joshua Kirkley all win at Savannah Quarters.

02-21-21: Terry Lanning, Shaun Payne, Scott Ammons, Elgin Young and Mark Stone all win at Atlantic Dunes!

01-31-21: Jeff Wong, Joe McVey, Justin Gainey, Matt Malone and Anthony Salas all win at Savannah Harbor!

01-15-21: Caleb Loudin, Tom Swartz, Radek Klauda, Larry Penfield, and Matt Roach all win at the IceBreaker Regional hosted at Robert Trent Jones & Harbour Town Golf Links!

09-30-20: Jeff Wong, Jim Hammonds, Jordan Phillips, Ray Clark and Charlie Cook all win The Hilton Head/Jacksonville season ending major!

09-09-20: Zake Masterson, Tom Sams, John Tompkins, Tony James and Kelvin Hughes all win at CC of Hilton Head!

08-20-20: Jake Garey, Brent Densmore, Bryant Turner, Tony James and Dave Hard all win at Hilton Head National.

08-10-20: Jeff Wong, Bob MacLaurin, Bryant Turner, Ted Shenosky and Brad Bianchi all win at Oldfield!

07-17-20: Jeff Wong, Bob Maclaurin, Sam Lewis, Ted Shenosky and Aaron Masterson all win at Atlantic Dunes!

07-03-20: Jeff Wong, Bobby Booth, Roger Sheaves, Chuck Young and David Schmidt all won at the Southern Regional in Kiawah.

06-17-20: Jeff Wong, Ryan Garrigan, Chad Fielder, Jesse Peart & Tom Wendell all win at Palmetto Hall the Robert Cupp Course.

06-12-20: Jeff Wong, David Cook, Brian Priester, Peter Bogart & Paul Baker all win at Oyster Reef!

05-26-20: Jerry Pascale, Ted Turner, Jr., Paul Sherry, Jimmy Mathis and Paul Baker all win at Robert Trent Jones!

05-10-20: Jake Garey, Charles Getsinger, John Saager, Ronnie Henderson and Aaron Chase all win at Fazio!

05-03-20: James Emerson, Greg Waltman, Brian Priester, Peter Bogart and Bill Northrop all win at Bear Creek!

03-31-20: Jeff Wong - 64, Brent Densmore -78, Brian Priester - 80, Matt Nemes - 84 and Tom Wendell - 93 all win at Dolphin Head.

03-15-20: Will Oliver, Joe Combs, Boyd Laughlin, Roberts Vaux and Tom Wendell all win at Savannah Quarters.

03-01-20: Scott Roberts, Jack Holland, Brian Priester, Roberts Vaux and Tom Wendell all win at Atlantic Dunes!

02-09-20: Anthony Phillips, Andres Lopez, John Tompkins, Ryan Combs and Shawn McKee all win at Savannah Harbor.

01-16-20: Joe Jaspers, Drew Smith, Fred Blaylock, David Cline and Gary Holzapfel all win at the IceBreaker Regional hosted at Robert Trent Jones & Harbour Town Golf Links!

09-24-19: Jeff Wong, Brent Densmore, Paul Sherry, Lamont Middleton and Paul Baker all win the Hilton Head-Jacksonville Local Finals and punch their tickets to the 2019 Tour Championship in October!

09-10-19: Terry Lanning, John Dobbins, Josh Keisler, Lee Tincher and Shawn McKee all win at CC of HH!

08-26-19: Jeff Wong, Andres Lopez, Robert Lyle, Lamont Middleton and Louis Ecker all win at Hilton Head National!

08-08-19: Jeff Wong, Joe Combs, John Robinson, Ryan Combs, Paul Baker all win at Oldfield!

07-02-19: Jeff Wong, Phil VanGeersdaelen, Scott Morrison, Michael Lee and Aaron Chase all win at Arthur Hills in Palmetto Hall!

06-16-19: Jeff Wong, Glenn Powell, Billy Gamblin, Ed Cassady and Lee Tincher all win at Oyster Reef!

06-02-19: Zake Masterson, Joe McVey, Joe Combs, Peter Bogart & Al Adams all win at Heron Point!

05-27-19: Elliott Johnson, Andres Lopez, Kyle Foxworth, Ed Cassady and Lee Tincher all win at Hampton Hall!

05-12-19: Steve Evans, John Dobbins, Robert Lyle, Mike Casazza and Robbie Buhrman all win at Fazio in Palmetto Dunes!

04-30-19: Chris LeGare, Michel Dion, Brian Priester, Brian Bright and Mike Casazza all win at Bear Creek!

04-05-19: Wes Fennel, Chet Dye, Paul Bolen, Steve Barker and Mike Casazza all win at Dolphin Head!

03-17-19: Cooper Cram, Michael Lynch, Boyd Laughlin, Brian Bright and Lee Tincher all win at Savannah Quarters.

03-17-19: Terry Lanning, Steve Dye, Todd Saylor, Case Mulherin and Lee Tincher all win at Atlantic Dunes!

02-11-19: Zake Masterson, Curtis Ramey, Joe Combs, Jason Courtney, & Bernie Packo win at Savannah Harbor!

09-27-18: Michael Goulet, Michel Dion, Sam Lewis, Jordan Phillips and Bernie Packo all win the Hilton Head & Jacksonville local finals at Palmetto Dunes.

09-27-18: Terry Lanning, Andres Lopez, Andrew Kunert, Terry Meenach & Lee Tincher all win at Oldfield.

08-22-18: Turner Wegener, Michel Dion, John Robinson, Brian Bright and Tyler Patterson all win at Hilton Head National!

07-09-18: Randy Sparks, Mark Harrison, Jerry Drewry, Case Mulherin and Lee Tincher all win at Atlantic Dunes!

06-21-18: Terry Lanning, Andres Lopez, George Bursey, Noel Coolican and Lee Tincher all win at Palmetto Hall (Cupp) course!

05-29-18: Jake Garey, John Camus, Paul McGee, Matt Nemes and Aaron Masterson all win at CC of Hilton Head!

05-14-18: Terry Lanning, Andres Lopez, Curtis Ramey, Michael Menna and Dustin Bandy all win at Hampton Hall!

05-14-18: Randy Sparks, Michel Dion, Curtis Ramsey, Jimmie Woods and Mike Casazza all win at Dolphin Head!

03-21-18: Terry Lanning, John Camus, Billy Gamblin, Lyn Rhode and Aaron Masterson all win at Savannah Quarters!

03-04-18: Zake Masterson, John Camus, Boyd Laughlin, Brian Bright and Aaron Masterson all win at Heron Point!

02-11-18: Randy Sparks, John Gilbert, Paul McGee, Mathew Nemes, Mike Casazza all win at Savannah Harbor!

02-11-18: Will Morgan, Marc Janse Van Rensburg, Donnie Thomas, David Schrott and John Davis all win the tours opening regional major!

01-16-18: Michael Goulet, Mark Harrison, Jim English, Larry Eller & Joe Lawson all win at Palmetto Dunes!

09-26-17: Terry Lanning, Mike Peters, Paul Sherry, Matthew Nemes & Mike Casazza all win at Atlantic Dunes!

06-19-17: ​Steve French, Michel Dion, Ken Theriault, Noel Coolican & Joe Lawson all win at Oyster Reef!

11-09-17: Randy Sparks, Mike Peters, John Robinson, Cleve Johnson and Rosado Marcos all win at CC of HH!

05-01-17: Randy Dees, Mike Peters, Ted Turner, Mathew Nemes and Tyler Patterson all win at Dolphin Head CC!

04-02-17: Doug Weiss, Michel Dion, Todd Saylor, Kevin Doh and Marcos Rosado all win at Savannah Harbor!

03-20-17: Randy Sparks, Justin Quimet, Andres Lopez, Matthew Nemes and Lee Tincher all win at Heron Point in SeaPines Resort!

03-05-17: Randy Dees, Logan Rohr, John Gilbert, Sheila Hadden-Hinton and Mike Cazza all win at Savannah Quarters!

02-12-17: Sav Qtrs details

01-17-17: Wil Morgan, Jared Bibbee, Andres Lopez, Mitch Green & Paul Smith all win the 2017 IceBreaker!

12-12-16: The 2017 Icebreaker tournament is Jan. 13th -15th!

09-27-16: The Hilton Head & Jacksonville Tours battle at Palmetto Dunes (Hills & Jones)!

08-04-16: Craig Tomlinson, Terry Fisher, Randy Sauerbrei, Brandon Priester and Lee Tincher all win at Savannah Harbor.

07-03-16: Brad Curren, Mike Peters, Paul Sherry, Jonathan Smith & Lee Tincher all win at Oyster Reef!

06-02-16: Brad Curren, Greg McCoy, Todd Saylor and Brandon Priester all win at Bear Creek!

05-18-16: Randy Sparks, Randy Dees, Rick Mannell, Ed Cassady all win at Hampton Hall!

04-14-16: Randy Dees wins a four hole playoff to capture the A Flight win at Dolphin Head!

03-06-16: Dennis McCormac, Randy Dees, Boyd Laughlin and Carey Brinson all win at Herron Point!

02-09-16: Brad Curren, Randy Dees, Chris Novak, John Gilbert & Porter James all win at Savannah Quarters!

01-19-16: The 2016 IceBreaker Kick Off Tournament saw the Hilton Head members do well!

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